where is everyone?

There was a good exchange for a while then there was nothing.  What happened?  is the group still active?  Please let me know.



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The thing is Wilam taht there are so many sites now for sissies and maids that it is difficult to keep track of all of them. Certainly Yahoo groups seem to have a good following but even some of ther their groups die. Also there is the housework to do.


ps if you go on Mistress Cathy Cane's new yahoo group or her web site some of my latest pics are on there

Sissy felt a new site was needed and set one up at
Some like Faye transferred to it, others didn't. I stayed at my place (details on site) having my reason not least being unwell.

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  • Sat, Aug 13, 2011 9:34 AM

This site is just soooooooooooo refreshing.  There is a light airy feel about it and everyone is allowed to be who they want to be without any pre-judgement.  

I would also like to say if anyone has tried to get in touch with me, that after having to scrub my hard-drive and re-install everything, all e-mails, settings etc have been lost. Apologies if I haven't responded to anyone.

Keep it clean, keep it frilly, keep it sissy and don't forget to curtsey, Belinda


Hi Belinda. There has never been a lot on this site I think because there are so many other sites that are quite busy.

Some had moved to social media related groups and other kinds of sites seem to falling by the wayside and then there's some of which may be too much intro 'adult' stuff with dangling stuff on display from the minute you enter.Frown

@Sissy' in it's differing forms doesn't always fit in well with some TG sites while some of the sites set by Dommes are more about their ideas having a 'fawning' type of membership rather than one into discussion.

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