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Hi, I would love to meet more girls through this site, if you regularly log on, can you replky here and we can start to have a dialogue and share experiences, I've already begun to be good friends with one girl here


Maid Faye xx

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Hi Paula;

    I just wanted to say hello to you and not leave you out.  I have enjoyed reading your comments in the past postings and I will do my part in trying to keep this group active.



Hi Susan;

    It was so good to read your reply to my last group posting.  I learned my lesson from my past marriage and made the decision to tell my current wife all about me before we ever met.  I would talk to her on the phone for hours and I told her everything including my desires to be a sissymaid.  I let her make the choice if she ever wanted to meet me of try to have a relationship with me.  In my mind I felt that it should be every woman's dream to have a companion that wants to cater to her.  As I have learned when I wrote all of what I was into I can see that it would be hard for a typical female to fully accept and deal with.  People are trapped in the ways that they were brought up and by what they have come to expect from tradition.  Even among some of the more liberal females there is the expectation that the male is supposed to be the provider and in many ways the decision maker.  Many females were never taught how to accept a male who wants to express a feminine side or to perform the roles by tradition was intended for the female or how to be in charge of the household even in only some aspects.  It was difficult for my wife to be able to take me across her knee and give me a good spanking.  She said that it was awkward for her and made her feel uncomfortable.  I can now more easily understand what she was feeling and I would not attempt to have her do something that does not bring pleasure to her.



I've a feeling this place may get a bit busier!

For one thing my place has the internal gubbins broken meaning people can't register unless I play hunt the sissymaid in the Forest of Spam to activate their accounts by hand and the host no longer is providing any support so no chance of getting a file and resetting a forum up. I'm preserving the posts at my blog (which you can find on my profile) to which you're welcome tot read and comment on.

I am considering actually putting a link on the forum (until it dies of natural causes) and on the blog to this groupsite as it may well provide what some are looking for so really there's no point on me reinventing the wheel!Smile

Hello Faye,

I have been a lucky sissy maid in the past.  Congrats on finding a Mistress. I would enjoy ongoing discussions with other girls.  I have always been very service oriented: housework, cooking, secretarial, etc.  I just love pleasing my superior.


Hi kris,

           Yes my dear, it can be very rewarding to serve a superior, and gives a positive purpose to our desires to be feminine. Enjoy every moment my dear

Love susan xxx

Hi everyone. Also have been very lucky as I have worked as  a maid for several mistresses and sometimes for a week at a time. A whole week wearing maid uniforms and doing housework is very very satisfying. I am getting rather old for doing that now and family circumstances mean I have to spend a lot more time at home but I do get away from time to time and I was a maid (one of two) at The Night of the Cane run by the firm in London last Saturday.  Miss Prim of the Muir Academy was there and as  Muir Maid I did have the honour of serving her. . It was a very good night

Hi girls

Good to see some more activity, and I was sorry to see the group may not be supported in future. If the site disappears, you can get me on phc51@hotmail.com

My maid status remains as one of being a partner to a delicious lady who likes me to serve, but reconises that I like it as much as her. With a fulltime vanilla job, this means I don't get to be the maid too much, but I always wear panties chosen by Miss Kitty, and sometimes rather more under my boring male work clothes. She has now revealed my secret to the two girls she works with, so when I pop into her cafe at lunchtime, one of the girls will ask me what colour my panties are today. I just love this!!! I guess I'm really not so much a maid as a submissive sissy, but who cares, its such fun!

Love Faye

My understanding of things at Groupsite was that those with accounts before the recent policy changes would keep the 'old functionality' it's only new sites that would have restrictions placed on them as it seems Groupsite.com is moving more toward a paid for model. Sissy P created this around 2009 so we should be covered.

If the worst came to worst there's no reason we couldn't set up something similar with Google sites assuming that if most of  us have OR were prepared to get Google accounts, we could create a Circle at Google Plus to keep conversation strictly between ourselves in as only those in your circle get your posts, you can limit the avatars to vanilla contacts displayed and no one knows what group they are in. I've an account at Google Plus anyway.

So to we don't need to Quote Private Fraiser saying "We're doomed!".

Edited Sun, Nov 6, 2011 7:25 PM

I've answered  -I think! - part one of your comments separately.If I've missed something, just say.

Yes it's unfortunate that trying to get a post as maid is hard esp paid employment even as casual. I suppose it 's too much to expect a Gov't training program for sissy maids with practical work experience to be announced by IDS.

I have a tag line at Google Plus something like "Because being submissive really pays" cos I feel that that state can be so rewarding so yes having your panties chosen and the 'girls' being in on it doing a panty colour check is so much fun even though you'd rather done your uniform or dress em femme at work ideally.

The problem with a full time job is that a man dressing in women's clothes clearly has sexual connotations which of course will put a lot of potential employers off. It can be difficult to explain to them that the sexual aspect is not aimed at any person but contained in the desire of the male maid to be a maid and be kept under control by a master or mistress.  I did my best to explain that when I made the TV program called The Male Maid for Living channel but of course it did have a limited audience. I know there have been one of two attempts to set up a male maid service but I am not sure how successful they were. I have certainly not heard much about them for a few years.

It is a pity because practically everyone I know knows about me and all the ladies I know are either quite relaxed about that idea and in many cases quite enthusiastic.

Anyway we just have to keep trying

maid angela


Just a note to say I've added a link to here on my Blog so with any luck the traffic from that may lead to a few new faces.

I think Audrey Ann has joined us.

oh i use to love those nights when i lived in london .

oh yes i have maid belinda thankyou .

It's a good while since I've lived in Greater London.

So nice to see you girls are taking an interest in the site. It can be so pleasant sharing our experiences. if anyone knows of a mistress that does maid training it would be lovely to hear from them. I am sure the maids would enjoy the training amd th Mistress' the new recruits

love susan xxx

Hi Susan

Finding a good maid trainer seems to be rather difficult. I was lucky enough to find Madam Dawson who was excellent but has now retired. The only other maid trainer I have ever been to is Miss Prim of the academy. Like Madam Dawson she was a professional hotelier so understood how a maid should behave and what sort of service an employer would require.  I believe Mrs Silk's establishment is still going but while I have heard some excellent reports I have never been there. I know a lot of "professional" ladies offer maid training but from their web sites they appear to be offering an opportunity to flit about in frilly maid uniform pretending to do some dusting while being available for some form of sexual activity. While I have nothing detrimental to say about that sort of training it is not what I always look for as I have been happily married for 54 years and wearing a proper working uniform and doing housework while under the control of a strict mistress is sexual enough for me. So in answer to your query re trainers Miss Prim is the only one I can recommend as she is the only trainer currently working that I have been to.  I do know that Sir Guy of the Other Pony Club is offering maid training with Mistress Cathy Cane but while they are both good friends of mine I have not actually experienced the service they are offering so I cannot comment.

Sorry that this is no use for members in the States but I am sure there are some good maid trainers over there.  

maid angela

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