The most feared punishment

OK girls,

Hope this isn't too off topic, but whats the punishment you have dreaded most? Apart from not being punished, that is lol. And why did you receive it? What had you done wrong?

Faye xx

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Being dismissed

Not so much a punishment as a life sentence, unless you can find another Mistress. I hope it hasn't happended too much to you, Angela.

No Faye never happened to me. Maybe because I do what the mistress really wants The Housework

Well thats good, well trained and devoted! I think I've seen a pic of you and Madame Dawson on the petticoat discipline quarterly website, you look suitably subservient. Theres one of me and My Mistress Lynne there too.

I know I have seen it you look the very picture of a maid and the looks like a wonderful mistress. You are lucky there

I am very lucky, you're right, she is such a nice Mistress, too soft on me in many ways, what with work to earn a living and all, I just don't get time to serve and do housework as much as I'd like. Tonight she is cooking, and I am doing washing up and some flat cleaning. I'm also due for punishment tonight for last weeks transgressions.  Lucky me.....


     The worst punishment I recieved was when I met the Mistress at a lecture and demonstration that she was to give one night.  I had brought a backpack which contained my very small and limited assortment of floggers, whips, some homemade paddles, rope, handcuffs and several links of chain.

     In the room where Mistress S. was to give her talk there were several nails or hooks on the wall.  I was able to hang the contents from the backpack on the hooks.

          As her talk and demonstration went on she was working with a "Boi" who was in a wheelchair.  Mistress S.  took a pair of handcuffs that I had brought and started to place the handcuffs on the "Boi" Mistress S. stopped and said before you lock anyone in handcuffs you always make sure you have the key.  Mistress S. turned to me and asked me if I had the key.  I looked into the black backpack and to my shock I could not find the chain with all of the keys to the locks that I had brought.  The handcuff key was on that chain also.  I turned to Mistress S. and said, "No Mistress I am sorry, I forgot to bring the keys".  Mistress S. addressed the audience and said, "As I said it is a very good idea to make sure you have the keys to handcuffs before you place them on a bottom".  "If I would have locked the "Boi" into these handcuffs we would have been in a lot of trouble. 

   "I think that Wilma deserves to get punished for that don't you"?  Yes, Wilma will get 10 lashes with my riding crop for forgetting to bring the keys.  Mistress S.  Had me bend over the high stool, pulled my red lace panties down to my knees and began to administer the swats with the riding crop.  I was wearing thong panties under the red lace panties.  She had me count each swat until I got to the number ten.  Mistress S. asked me if I would remember next time to bring the keys and not forget.  I answered and said, "Yes Mistress, I will remember to bring the keys next time.  Mistress S. had me stand up and told me to kiss her ass.  When she turned around I kissed her right ass cheek.  Mistress S. told me to take the riding crop in my mouth.  I did as she commanded me then she told me to go stand off stage.  I had learned that a good submissive only does exactly what the Mistress tells them to do.  My panties were still down around my knees and she did not tell me to pull them up so I went over to where I was directed to go and left my panties down.  

     For the remainder of the lecture and demonstration I stood perfectly still with the riding crop in my mouth and my panties down around my knees until I was told to do something else for her.

     I did not know at the time that this was a test for me.   At the end of the demonstration and lecture Mistress S. was smiling and told the audience that Wilma had held her position perfectly.  Then she asked the audience to give me a hand.  I was feeling so good and humble at the same time. I never forgot the keys again.



That was quite a powerful example Wilma.

Well Wilma having to stand holding the crop in your mouth and your panties round your knees was no doubt embrassing but excellent training. However only ten strokes of the riding crop is not really much of a punishment. The lady I work for as a maid never gives less than 30 and they really hurt.  When we made a television program she gave me 60. 30 over my clothes and 30 on the bare bottom and when they showed the program they only showed 3.

Ouch, you two girls have more courage than me, I'd be blubbing after 10 strokes of a crop, I'm such a feeble maid when it comes to punishment,. I could much more cope with the standing in the corner awaiting instructions.....

You get used to it. I was serving a master earlier today and he picked up a wood coat hanger and gave me ten on  each buttock quite hard.

Ooooh, what had you done wrong? Or did he beat you because he just wanted to beat you?

Just because he wanted to I think or maybe just to show me that he was in charge

Hi Angela;

     I know that 10 licks with a riding crop is not much of a punishment for some people.  However that was the only punishment spanking I ever got for doing something wrong.  I have gotten 100 swats from a strap on my bare bottom in one session but it was more of a reward and I loved every moment of it.  I have also taken 50 swats from a cane and 50 swats from a paddle made out of a heavy exotic wood.  The paddle hurt worse than the strap or the cane.  I was considered a "pain slut" by some Mistresses who had to take a rest while inflicting swats on me.


Thank you for your comment Maid Belinda I hope it was interesting for the group.



My Mistress tells me she has ordered a flogger, so I am looking forward to seeing it and feeling it firsthand. Not sure exactly what it will comprise (not for me to ask lol) but suspect it will hurt if she is in the mood. Being a bit of a sissy, I will hope she starts with no more than half a dozen! You girls must think I'm a right softie!

Faye xx

I have had the flogger many times it seems to be a favourite tool for many mistresses however the instrument I fear most is the cane. Madam Dawson used to have several specially made for her by a guy who soaked them in linseed oil for weeks which made them supple and very strong. She used to pay him by trying them all out on him. They did hurt and she gave one to Mistress Alexis and when she used it it hurt even more   

Hi Girls,

 I must say for me too the cane is the punishment instrument I too fear. I once received 12 strokes from a mistress the pain was excruciating, and the marks lasted for almost a week and a half

However on the same day her daughter visited and I had to open the front door to her  announcing. good afternoon Miss Emily Mistress Jennifer is expecting you. Followed by a low curtsey. All whilst dressed in a black and white silky  French maids outfit. She just burst into a fit of giggles and passed through the door like she owned the place. It turned out to be Mistress Jennifers' 19 year old daughter. I found it acutely embarrassing, but also humiliatingly exciting too. It was almost worth the caning that followed

susan stewart


What a wonderful experience Susan.  I have had the experience when working for Madam Dawson having some friends call and then invited to stay for dinner which I served standing my the wall with my hands neatly clasped across my apron untill I had served the coffee and brandies. I returned to my place only to be sharply told to face the wall which I did for over and hour while they enjoyed themselves  

Hi Susan, welcome to the chatter lol. I have been caned in the past, but only once, and that was enough. After 3 or 4 strokes I was begging for no more, and Madam stopped at 6, but as you say. the stripes stay for ages. Do tell us more about your adventures in service. Did you serve Mistress Jennifer or Miss Emily that day? Was it a one off, or were you a regular?

My Mistress uses a wooden spoon on me mostly, and I often get a dozen whacks for being forgetful or misbehaving. I had six the other night for not being decisive enough about buying a piece of furniture on ebay, Mistress asked me to express an opinion on several chests of drawers she was considering buying (partly to store my undies), and I did not please her by saying I liked all of them, you can never win....

Faye xxxx

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